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#OneTeam - Let's challenge chronic pain together

Effective chronic pain management requires a transdisciplinary approach.

An approach transcending disciplinary boundaries; a sharing of knowledge, skills and decision-making; a focus on real-world problems, and the inclusion of multiple stakeholders including patients, their families and their communities.

Citation - Van Bewer V. Transdisciplinarity in Health Care: A Concept Analysis. Nurs Forum. 2017Oct;52(4):339-347. doi: 10.1111/nuf.12200. Epub 2017 May 26. PMID: 28547926.









The Chronic Pain Symposium 2024

Elearning.Vet have teamed up with Canine Arthritis Management (CAM) to bring you a massive global online veterinary event on chronic pain.

We do not plan to simply educate. We plan to Engage, Educate, Enable and Empower every attendee to become competent advocates of chronic pain management. Through innovative "buddying up" lecture delivery, where we host leaders in the field of pain management with their colleagues and friends, attendees will immerse themselves in knowledge sharing, discussion and a tight network of clinicians and therapists where the primary goal is welfare through excellent pain management. This dynamic delivery style echoes the #OneTeam approach required to challenge chronic pain as a cause of suffering in our companion animals.

What to expect...

The Chronic Pain Symposium 2024 will feature some of the biggest and best speakers in the world focusing on chronic pain in small animals. Topics include:

  • The 'How / When / Why' of Pain Trials
  • Early Identification & Management of Osteoarthritis
  • The Full 'Pain Toolkit' for Practitioners
  • Breakthrough Pain / Flare Management
  • Acute Pain Management to Prevent Chronic Pain
  • Chronic Pain in Cats
  • Behaviour and Neuropathic Pain
  • Perineural Approaches to Pain Management
  • Persistent Post-Surgical Pain
  • 2 x Interactive Pain Quizzes
  • And more to be announced!

Main programme can be found here


  • Access to 35+ Hours of CPD/CE
  • Access to Bite-Size Clips with World Renowned  Speakers
  • Digital Event Guide
  • Virtual Goody Bag
  • Recordings Available for 12 Months Post-Event
  • Lecture Slides Sent Pre-Event for Notes
  • Post-Event OA Workshop with CAM
  • Exclusive Access to 'Top Tips For Chronic Pain Management' Studio Session by Samantha Lindley
  • Exclusive Access to 'Osteoarthritis Management' Panel Discussion with Hannah Capon, Fran Silveira & Ben Garland
  • Discounted Access to CAM Member Zone
  • Discounted Annual CPD Membership with Elearning.Vet


GBP (£75)
USD ($95)
CAD ($129)
EUR (€89)
AUD ($149)

Meet the speakers:

Carl Bradbrook & Matt Gurney
Katie Smithers & Manessa Faal 
Emma Milne, Charlotte Mcnamara & Heather Bacon

Jamie McClement

Tasha Stanton
Mathilde Granger & Gwen Covey Crump
Russel Chandler & Ana Ivanovska
Robin Downing
Conny Mosely &
Eric Troncy
Karen Perry & 
Mike Karlin
Duncan Lascelles &
Masataka Enomoto
Tamara Grubb & Hannah Capon
Brennen McKenzie
Sarah Heath & Clare Rusbridge
Amber Batson & Kirsty Grant
Daniel Mills & Julia Robertson
Sam Lindley & Toby Trimble
Andrea Tarr & Gwen Covey Crump
Ian Self & Sheilah Robertson
Kathy Murphy & Bobbie Bhambree
James Hunt & Fernando Martinez Taboada
Dr Sarah Caney & Dr Sheilah Robertson
Dr Louise Clark
Kristin Kirkby Shaw & Leilani Alvarez
Andrew Hale & Sarah Fisher

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